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A society who is focussed on protecting and preserving the local history has approached me for help with digitising their archive. Can you recommend any resources I should look at on best practices from scanning the archive through to classifying it and defining the metadata so that it can be imported in batches? This is for a single project.

Also, I have read advice on collating the information in a spreadsheet before importing. How does this work if every entry has an associated PDF or image? Does Omeka have any plugins for scanning software to make the process more streamlined?

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Some things in the user manual which might help are the Site Planning Tips and the Examples and Case Studies. You might also want to read the recent forum post (and linked blog) Omeka S workflow and customisations in a non-professional context.

In terms of importing from a spreadsheet, CSV Importer does need the files to be available online (and not password protected) in order to import.

Omeka is not really built for the digitization process - it’s built to share and contextualize the content once it has been digitized.

Thank you – those links are helpful.

Do you know of any project to OCR digitised material and add them to Omeka (S or Classic) ?

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