Accessing site images from index page


Similarly to the posts below, I’m interested in how I can display an image for each site (ie on the index page).

I see from Accessing site settings from other sites that I need to Set up a connection and so on but I don’t know which settings to get.

I expect I’ll need to

  • Query site for item set or settings which include item sets
  • Take item sets first image

then proceed to display from there.

Is there a table/source file I can refer to which describes the items available in settings?


My approach was to create a site setting with my module that allows to pick a thumbnail from an asset for each site. Then, that miniature is used to render some of the block layouts that my module adds, like a site grid. This worked very well for the case since you can pick the image freely and make sure that it fits in the overall appearance. My client might release the code during this year, I’ll let you know when they do. Meanwhile, feel free to contact me at if you need help with that or want details about the thumbnail solution.

Hi @boca,
Thanks for the offer, I will keep it in mind!

At the moment I’m going to keep investigating how I can pull up images from the sites image_set as it will give me the option to display a random image on load or similar novelties (performance permitting).

Depending on how long our upgrade to 1.3 takes that or your solution above may also help cover this area for me.