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I am trying to install the plugin AccessibilityPlus, which is intended to allow site administrators to choose what DC field a screen reader should default to when reading alt text.

I have successfully uploaded and installed the plugin, and the creators’ instructions state that in the admin dashboard there should be a new option for “AccessibilityPlus” in the left links, which is supposed to lead to a configuration page. The AccessibilityPlus link does appear in the left menu, but clicking it creates a 404 error.

I realize that because this is a third-party plugin support may not be available, but I’m wondering if anyone has experience with this plugin specifically, or if there is another plugin that can provide a similar function.

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For plugins which are not developed by the Omeka Team, it’s often useful to file an issue on the github repository describing the problem, in case the creators are not on the forum.

A very common problem you might be running into:

When you download plugins from Github using the green download button, when unzipped they’ll often have some extra “stuff” after the plugin name on the name of the folder. Having the “right” folder name is important, and having a wrong one can lead to these kinds of problems.

If you do have some extra text stuck onto the end of this plugin’s folder name, you should first uninstall the plugin from the Omeka interface, then rename the folder to be just “AccessibilityPlus” and then install it again.

As an aside, a note about this plugin: I noticed its readme says that Omeka will use the filename of the image for the alt text with no option to change this, which is incorrect. Omeka uses the “display title” of the file: this does default to the filename if there’s no metadata but will use the Dublin Core Title of the file if that’s set, instead.

The plugin does provide the ability to configure which element is used to things other than Title, which Omeka doesn’t let you do out-of-the-box, but I just figured I would comment on what seems to be a slight misconception.

Thanks for your input - the problem seemed to be with the default security permissions of the subfolders and files within the plugin. I set them to follow the same pattern of the pre-installed plugins and was able to get it to work!

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