Alt text on item images

In our Omeka Classic instance, alt text on images of items in the body of an exhibit is not present. When viewing an item page, the alt text is the item’s file name. This is obviously less than ideal for accessibility purposes. Has anyone found a plugin or strategy that allows them to add alt text to images in Omeka Classic?

You can edit the file name by editing the metadata for the file. You might also find this forum thread useful, although I’m not sure whether the plugin referenced is still in development.

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I can see that I can edit the item metadata, but file name is not a field that I can find to edit. Can you share a screenshot of where I can edit that field? Thank you!

You don’t actually want to edit the filename. You need to put the text that you would like to display as the Alt Text in the Dublin Core Title field of the file metadata.

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This page of the Classic documentation shoes the correlation between file Dublin Core metadata Title and the display title.

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