ZoteroImport on Omeka-S v. 4.0.0

I am trying to import a Zotero library. It works seamlessly except for the Place of publication, which is put under Publisher but without a label.
Also, some labels are missing, such as Extra, Library Catalog.

We map Zotero’s “Place” to Omeka’s dcterms:publisher because a) there is no other suitable property, and b) a locality name in a publisher’s position is sufficiently evident as the place of publication. The Bibliographic Ontology does reference a localityName property in a separate vocabulary that appears to be no longer maintained. You could attempt to import that vocabulary (or another relevant vocabulary) and map it yourself using the module’s item_field_map.

As for “Extra” and “libraryCatalog”: there are no suitable properties, at least to our estimation. As with above, you could map them yourself using the item_field_map.