Zotero Import : item type, extra field, etc

I am new to Omeka S and would like to import my items from the “zotero import” module. Several problems :

  • The Item Type is not visible on my website. How can I change this? In Omeka S, it is a "class. Can we make a “class” visible on the web part?
  • I try to use the Extra field of Zotero to display my Omeka S items on a map but nothing works. Do you have any advice?
    Thank you very much for your help. I’m having a little trouble at the moment but I think it’s a great tool.

The default themes don’t display the “class” on the public side, but this can be done by editing the theme:

echo $item->displayResourceClassLabel();

I’m not sure I quite understand what you’re trying to do with the “Extra” field though. Pull something from Zotero?

Thank you very much for the answer.

I installed CSSEditor 1.3.0 to modify the theme with

echo $item->displayResourceClassLabel();

but it doesn’t work. I may need to edit directly in :

themes>default>config>theme.ini file?

I’m looking at the documentation.

For Zotero: I use Zotero Import 1.2.0 to import my items. I would like these items, after import, to appear on a map on my Omeka S site. I was thinking of using Zotero’s “Extra” field to import the geographic data but I don’t understand how it works.

Thanks again.


Finally it works thanks to you! Thank you very much. I added the line

<? Php echo $ item-> displayResourceClassLabel (); ?>

in the show.phtml file
I have consulted the documentation and I understand better.

If anyone has a tip for my second problem (Zotero Import and Geo Data), I’m interested. Or do I have to create a different topic?

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