Zotero and Omeka-S

I need to import a bibliography in Omeka-s through a Zotero import . So far, no difficulties.

Each item is related to a specific bibliographic reference. So i need to link an item with a reference so that references appear automatically when users click on an item.

Is it possible ? and if it is, should I use a foreign key to gather items and bibliographic references ?

Many thanks in advance for your help,

The module does not include a feature to import a bibliography or store formatted references. The Zotero API does provide a way to generate references using format=bib&style=<citation-style> (see docs). Though, depending on your requirements, adding this feature would not be a small change to the module.

Perhaps the better solution is to generate the bibliography using Zotero itself?

The idea is indead to generate the bibliography through Zotero itself.

I don’ t think I’ll be able, in short term susbstantically changing the code.
On the Zotero forum, I was advised to add the id item on the extra field Zotero.

I will try this solution,
many thanks any way for your prompt answer,