Zend Framework 1 EOL?

I just received an email from Zend pointing at


I wondered what, if any, conversations had been had amongst the Omeka dev’s about this?


We’ll have to see.

From experience, the “migration path” from ZF 1 to 2/3 is more or less nonexistent so that’s not a particularly serious option. Moving to other projects may be workable in some areas, but at least a few things in Omeka are pretty tightly coupled to Zend, so a maintained fork of some kind may end up being necessary.


My organization uses Omeka for many exhibits, and we like it very much. As a developer, I have no problem migrating to new versions as long as a clear migration path is present. Classic Omeka hasn’t given us any problem for migrating.

Since I have to develop plugins for Omeka installations, I have a concern that the tight coupling in Omeka 2.x to Zend 1.x will break previous work. Since the Zend EOL is planned for September, we have little time (so many projects) to port a family of plugins and themes. I’d like to appeal to Omeka’s gracious developers for a timeline that will tell me when to stop using Omeka 2.*. If the suggestion is to migrate to Omeka S, can someone also hint me to migration documentation? and migration tools for Omeka 2.x to Omeka S?

Thank you very much

So far, we are planning to maintain Omeka Classic and Omeka S side-by-side. We’ve also been talking about how to address the EOL of ZF 1 within that plan. So, the current state of affairs is that we plan to keep Omeka Classic (aka 2.x) going in parallel with Omeka S.

Regarding migration if you choose, the Omeka S Omeka2Importer module will be the smoothest path.

Keep in mind, too, that Omeka S, and hence all its modules, are still in alpha and subject to change.

Do you follow the philosophy “release earlier, release often”, or a polished feature-based release strategy? In other terms, do you have a release date for Omeka S? Or how many features should still be implemented?

We try to package a release of Omeka S every other sprint, so roughly once a month. Looks like we missed May, but we’ll have a new one soon.

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