YouTube Plugin in Omeka 3.0.1

Dear all

Lately, I’m observing a peculiar behavior of YouTube plugin (version 1.3 as available from the plugin directory) in Omeka Classic. I’ve changed YouTube API key, and it is working nice in my Omeka instances (One is 2.8 and the other is 3.0.1). The Omeka instance with version 2.8 has absolutely no issues with this plugin, but in Omeka 3 I can fetch video objects, can run the fetched video until I edit it. The moment I edit it to add a few additional metadata elements or just even save it in edit window without adding/modifying any element, the video player is vanishing. There is no such issue with the same plugin version in Omeka 2.x (I checked it with 2.7 and 2.8).

What am I missing?

I’ve observed exactly the same issue; since I had never used the plugin with any previous version of Omeka, I could not make any comparison.

For the time being I’ve unistalles the plugin, changing the items/show public file to cater for videos, but if a fix was found for the plugin I’d gladly give it another try.

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