I’d like to add a toolbar item to the WYSIWYG textareas. I can easily do this with tinyMCE, but I’m not sure where or how it gets initialized throughout the code.

I was able to figure out how the Simple Pages plugin does it – I was there able to, for example, upgrade tinyMCE and add a toolbar item by hacking /plugins/SimplePages/views/admin/index/edit.php. This is simple because tinyMCE gets initialized in a straightforward way here via tinyMCE.init.

Elsewhere though, I see the call for tinyMCE.execCommand('mceAddControl' ... – but I’m not sure I understand how tinyMCE is initialized, so that I can change the parameters…?

Thanks for any help here.


I was able to find this default initialization:


With tinyMCE stored here


Painful! It seems tinyMCE is included in various pages in various ways, which makes it hard to, for example, upgrade tinyMCE.

I’ve decided to add a tinyMCE plugin and add that to the default initialization and then possibly to the Simple Page plugin.

Of course, I’m shooting myself in the foot by modifying the code directly.