Wordpress within subdirectory of Omeka Classic

I’ve worked with Omeka Classic and WordPress for a fairly long time but have never tried deploying a WP site as a subdirectory of Classic. Before I proceed with testing, I wanted to ask if anyone else has tried this and whether you encountered any issues. Thank you.

Because of the htaccess rewrite rules, it is possible to create Omeka and WP directories side by side or to create an Omeka install as a subdirectory of a WP install, but things do not go well with Omeka as the sub of WP.

Thank you for that insight, @SharonLeon . I’ll also explore having the two apps side by side and use htaccess rewrite.

How about WP inside of Omeka? Is that also likely to not go well?

I’m sorry, I mistyped above. Omeka inside WP is fine. WP inside Omeka doesn’t work.

I appreciate the quick response! Very helpful info… you’ve saved me a lot of time.

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I don’t know if exists any problem with Omeka Classic and WP (in subdirectory). But I have tested WP inside subdirectory with Omeka S without problem. I understand that it could be similar.

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