Wonky anchor behavior for customized cozy theme

Hi all,

I’ve adapted the cozy theme but I’m getting a very strange behavior that’s probably the result of my fiddling but I have no idea what is causing it. I’ve looked at it on multiple browsers and the behavior is the same.

  1. The page as-is: http://ir.uwest.edu/s/index/page/faqs

  2. The page in reference to an anchor: http://ir.uwest.edu/s/index/page/faqs#dissertation

When using the 2nd link, the page does open to that section, but everything to the top of it, including our logo, breadcrumbs, previous sections on the page are hidden and you can’t scroll back up.

Any ideas?

I’m not sure exactly what’s happening but it seems to be related to the “offcanvas” library you’re using.

Thank you, I’ll take a look at that.

I’m running into the same problem. Did you find a solution?

No, still the same behavior.