Why sorting by Date (numeric:interval) is not working?

I am trying to order some items (different types, but everyone has a Date (numeric:interval) field).
But I cannot figure out why they are not being ordered correctly:
The “Show a preview” block is also not ordering the items properly…
Someone could help in some way? I have read many questions in the forum but didn’t find the reason.
Thank you!

There’s a current known issue where if you do a “fulltext” search like you’re doing here, it overrides any other sorting you specify. If you can find your appropriate items with a different search, like an item set or using the “search by value” inputs, then you shouldn’t have this problem.

We’re working on a fix for a future version to eliminate this problem so you’ll be able to choose a custom sort even when doing a fulltext search.

Ok, thank you very much, now I feel a bit better, I was going crazy.

BTW I have realized that my Omeka S is not ordering the items even when there is not a “fulltext” search, such as in here: Fichas · Irene Buarque · ENTRAMADO.ART DB
Could it be the same issue?
Thank you!

It turns out that we never implemented sorting for intervals. We’ll implement it in the next release. Thank you for bringing this to our attention!

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