Who is the "creator" of a translated item? The original author or translator of original?


I am wondering how to treat the DublinCore “creator” field when dealing with a translation of an original, hand-written letter. I am building an exhibit made up of a large collection of letters in foreign languages AND their official translations — each associated with their own PDF or JPEG files . I figure it is best to treat the originals and the translations of the originals as separate OMEKA items. But who, then, becomes the “creator” of the translation? Would it be name of the author of the original letter or the name of the translator /organization that translated the letter?
A related question is: what could I put in the item’s “format” field for the typed translation of an original handwritten letter? Just to be clear, I want to display digital images of a particular publishing house’s typed translations of handwritten letters. I plan to use the term “letter” in the “format” field to describe the original artifact, but then what would one put for the typed translation?

Thanks for any advice you may have!

I’d probably use Contributor for the translator, and Creator for the author, but the documentary editors in the community might have different opinions.

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