Where to put the Google Analytics Code

I am using The Daily theme, and I am wondering which PHP file to put the Google Analytics code? Or can I put it at the top of the style.css file? The file structure is not the same as it was in the Omeka Classic.

Has anyone tried this module, is it working for them?


Hi jbapl,

I’m the author of the module. I encourage you to try it. I don’t recommend editing the core or theme files and it cannot go in the CSS.

Feel free to contact me with any issues, questions or suggestions about it. Soon I’ll release a new version that allows for independent tracking codes for each site.

Do you have the new version available? Thank you very much for your contribution.

Hello Marcos,

You can get the latest version from Github. It supports using different tracking IDs for each site, as well as a global option for all sites.

Let me know if you have any questions.

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