Where are theme settings stored?

I’m using the default (Thanks Roy) theme. If I use the dashboard to change the color of my site’s body text, for example (clicking Appearance > Theme > Configure Theme), I don’t see that change reflected anywhere in the css file (located in /themes/default/css/style.css)

In fact, as I browse through the site’s folders, I can’t find any files with an updated timestamp that reflects when I changed the font color. I’m just curious, where is the file(s) are that contain the code for a customized theme?

Omeka themes store custom settings in the MySQL database. The settings are retrieved by theme’s php script using the get_theme_option() function.
For the ThanksRoy theme you will find the custom look options recall in the /common/header.php file, starting form line 33. There is a <style> section beneath that makes use of the theme settings.

Thank you for the explanation, miniol! My site is hosted through Dreamhost, and I’m guessing that I don’t have access to the SQL database, which is why I couldn’t find where the settings are being stored. Not that I need access, I’m just interested in knowing how Omeka works under the hood.