Where are my sites? Need to password protect one of them

I am constructing an Omeka S installation with two sites. I see the index.php file in the root directory of my installation, but where are my two sites? I want to password protect one of them, perhaps with .htaccess, but where are they?

Your sites don’t exist as separate files, the basic Omeka S file structure is always the same, regardless of how many sites you have or what their names are and so on. Everything in Omeka S runs through that initial index.php file and runs the whole application from there.

If you’re looking to do things with Apache settings, you could try <Location> sections to match against the URL, though those need to go in the server or vhost config; they can’t be in a .htaccess. The <If> section is another possibility which does work in .htaccess.

My site is on a shared hosting provider, so I don’t think I can modify Apache. Please point me to more details about how to use .htaccess. Thanks.

If you want to control access to your website, wouldn’t be much easier to use the settings offered by Omeka itself? If you go in the site settings, you’ll see an “eye” toggle next to the top-right corner of your screen

Even if, as I read your other post in the forum, it appears that you’d probably want to protect not only the website, but also each stored file, which is not an internal setting in vanilla Omeka S, so that’s a slightly different question…

Sorry, I do not see an “eye” toggle next to the top-right corner of my screen. I look at the Admin dashboard of Omeka S. Then I click Sites. Then I click the site I want to protect with a password. I do not see what you refer to on any of these pages. Please give me more information on how to find it.