What's the Zotero module date/time format?

Could not for the life of me figure out the required format on the “added after” field. The module docs don’t explicitly say, but the image on there looks like “mm/dd/yyyy, --:----”, but that didn’t work, and the error my instance reported when I first tried it included a different format (which I also couldn’t get to work).


That is a browser-native date/time picker form control… you should have an option on there somewhere to select from a calendar, but the format if you need to enter manually should be

mm/dd/yyyy hh:mm AM/PM

No sign of any calendar option, and the suggested format was wrong. But I did figure it out.

One format resulted in this additional error: The input does not fit the date format 'Y-m-d\TH:i'

So this string, for example, worked: 2020-03-21T11:00

I’m still not sure, given all the info, how this is supposed to work. Is there something that could be put into the docs?

That format you mention is what should end up getting submitted to the server, but browsers usually present it differently to the user.

What browser were you using? I wonder if it just doesn’t support this kind of input at all…

We can look at the documentation or maybe changing the input to a different one.

I’m on Safari 13.0.5. Mac OSX 10.13.6.