What rich media/audio player plugins are out there?

Can anyone suggest Omeka Classic plugins that modifies how audio files are viewed and played?

I’m working on rebuilding an Omeka instance that contains a lot of audio media, and the site admin had used a plugin previously that displayed a rich media player with playback controls at the top of the record page.

The default Omeka behavior that we are seeing is a speaker icon under the “Files” heading down near the bottom of the page that links directly to the audio file, which then plays via the browser on a second page where none of the file metadata is visible.

Looking at the plugin list, the only that seems to fit is UniversalViewer, but the site admin says that’s not the player that was used before.

Unfortunately, we don’t have any additional information as to which plugin was used, or any screenshots of what it looked like. Are there any other plugins that provide this functionality that we can look into?

It depends a little on the specific type of file you have, but Omeka can embed players directly onto pages.

Themes sometimes have a setting that determines if they will embed media at the top of the page, or list it out at the bottom. Maybe that’s the case here, that you just need to switch a theme setting.