What import type to use


I am using the CSV Import module in Omeka S to import a CSV file with content related to still images. The file contains fields with text content about each image plus a field which contains a URL to each specific image (one image for each record).

The records in the CSV file have a field called ‘Collections’, so I want to be able to divide them into collections/sets based on this field. Can I do this by importing one CSV file or would I need to divide the file into separate CSV files for each collection? Each record belongs to only one collection.

On the CSV Import - Import Settings window, I have to choose an import type. I am unsure what I should be selecting here? I am thinking Item Sets, but not sure if this will work with the URL field.

If someone can provide some help, it would be greatly appreciated.


How you apply the “collections” from your CSV depends a bit on how you want to use them once your content is in Omeka S. One option would be to create Item Sets with the same name as your collections, and then map that column to item sets based on title.

The type of import you choose when starting should be the kind of resources you want to create from the CSV. If you want these still images and their content to be items, then you should choose the “Items” import type.

Thanks! I’m going to give this a try.

Good luck! If it doesn’t work right the first time, Undo the import and rework.

Thanks! I’m going to try it now. :slight_smile:


I was able to successfully import my records from my csv file as items. I then added items to collections.

What I am having trouble with now is this: when I did the import, I mapped each field to a value in one of the vocabularies. Not all the values in the vocabularies have the names that I want for my fields. Can I change the field names? For example, can I change ‘Rights’ (dcterms:rights) to ‘Copyright’? If so, can I change it for all items, a bulk change? ‘Copyright’ is the word I want to appear on the site, not ‘Rights’.


You can change the way properties are labelled using resource templates. If many of your items would use the same template, you can batch edit your items to apply the new template.

I did create a new vocab using Custom Vocab and then created a new resource template based on that. Is this the correct way to do this?

I then did a batch edit on my items and applied the new template. If I check an item, I don’t see any changes though. I still see the dublin core values.

Am I doing something wrong or missing a step?

It’s the value names I want to change, not the data that was imported.


Thank you! I looked into this a bit more and realized I wasn’t adding an alternate label for each value in my resource template. Looks like I didn’t need to add the custom vocab at all.

To update the field/value names, I did the following:

I have created a new resource template, added the fields to it, and edited each field to add the Alternate Label that I want to use. This looks to be working.

Thanks for your help.

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When you are editing the template, you can change the label of the property as it displays. CustomVocab would not apply here, it would be the label of the property (the Dublin Core term) term which you can edit using the pencil button

CustomVocab allows you to create a controlled vocabulary which you use when creating data (values are the data that you enter)

Thanks! I think we may both have been replying to this message at the same time! :grin: I did figure this out and had responded right before I saw your response. Thanks again for your help.

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