Weird Bug regarding the term 'POST ROAD' in an exhibit text box

Okay so I have a really weird issue that I can’t figure out. We are creating an exhibit using Exhibit Builder where almost all the content are just text blocks. The content being entered is just a list of subjects:


POLITICS - Political Cartoons (1898)

POLITICS - Political material.



Except that whenever anything shows up in the same paragraph as ‘POST’ the entire page errors with a 500 internal server error when we try to save it. If I delete ‘ROAD’ it saves fine. Location in the list does not matter. Neither does capitalization - the same thing happens with ‘POST ROAD’, ‘Post Road’, and ‘post road’. I’ve tested it in a different exhibit and on a Simple Page with the same result. It does not happen when entered into Item fields, even when using rich text entry.

In the HTML code everything is just simply entered in between paragraph tags. There are no other characters or HTML tags. The person entering this has just been using the rich text editor and not using HTML code, but I confirmed the same thing when I manually retyped the HTML in Notepad and copied it over (so there are no copy & paste artifacts from an original source).

I know that POST is an HTTP method - would that be affecting this? When ‘POST’ shows up in any text in Exhibit Builder or Simple Pages it would just error out when any text shows up after it in between the same paragraph tags?

I’m currently using Omeka 2.8, Exhibits Builder 3.4.3, and Simple Pages 3.1.3

Thanks in advance

The text “POST” shouldn’t have any special meaning or restriction in page or exhibit text. Just to be sure I quickly tested a simple page with just the content <p>POST ROAD</p>, with no issue.

You might want to check what error is occurring; it should be in the logs. If this is a “white screen” Apache “Internal Server Error” error, it’s probably in Apache’s error log.

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