VRA core module


We’re currently working on a project that would benefit from using the VRA core module. However, we are using Omeka S. Are there any workarounds for using this module with this Omeka version?

Thanks in advance,
Jenna Rinalducci

UNC Charlotte

Given Omeka S’s descriptive model flexibility, you wouldn’t need a module to implement VRACore. What you would need is a representation of the VRACore ontology in a form that can be imported as a LOD vocabulary for Omeka S:

  • JSON-LD (.jsonld)
  • N-Triples (.nt)
  • Notation3 (.n3)
  • RDF/XML (.rdf)
  • Turtle (.ttl)

It seems that the is a VRACore RDF project available for review: http://vraweb.org/vra-core-rdf-ontology-available-for-review/. You might ask them if they would publish the ontology in one of those forms, since they clearly have the classes and the properties available.

Thanks so much! This is really helpful.