View dublin core fields of items

HI everyone,
I have a problem with the views of individual items; Omeka displays only the title field, file and collection field of an item. When we add a description, date, subject,… these fields are not displayed in the public page, only in the back-office. Could someone help me to make the other dublin core fields visible? I haven’t changed anything to the code. The fields can be seen in the lists of items or collections, but not when they are viewed individually.
Thank you in advance.

Could you let us know what version of Omeka you are using and what theme (and version of the theme) you have active?

I’m using version 2.4.1., but the problem is solved: I had to change the template of my theme. One more question: how can I clear the cache? I don’t find a button, neither the PageCaching plugin.
Thanks a lot.

Page Caching was a plugin for Omeka 1.5. You should be able to clear the cache of whatever browser you’re using to ensure that you see the current version.