Videos or complete instructions for chnaging Mirador default settings

I have searched the forum and their does not seem to be a complete set of directions that explain how to change the default settings for Mirador 3.

Can somebody point me to a step by step process to make these changes so I can pass them on to mt IT department for them to make.

I have a copy of the Mirador 3 master from the zip file in my downloads and think I know what to change but the information I see does not exactly match the settings.js file I have open.

Have you checked the Mirador documentation?

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Thanks that gave more information and I think I found the settings to change.
Is there anyway to apply these changes either based on a theme or page?
Is changing the settings.js file on the server the only way, this would affect all pages. Can it be done so that only certain pages or themes would be displayed this way?
I was thinking it might be possible using the Blocks Disposition module.
We are running Version 4.0.4 of Omeka S with Mirador Viewer version

I really appreciate the guidance and information you directed me to.

Hey, did you find out how to do it?