Video Plug In is not Supported

Our webmaster had a stroke and is incapacitated, we are trying to figure out why the videos are not playing. Any ideas would be appreciated.


The plugin depends on your browser (is javascript activated?), not on the server.

Yes Google Chrome is set to allow Javascript, still seeing “This plugin is not supported”…

I decided to test it with other Browsers and came up with the following:

Google Chrome - No Go

FireFox - No Go

Internet Explorer - Shows player but will not play?

What is the player? Did it work last week? Did you make a recent update?

Can you post what version of Omeka you’re using?

The older versions all rely on plugins for video display, using browser embed or object tags. Both Chrome and Firefox have been pretty aggressive about stripping plugin support out of the browser though, so recent versions of Omeka have switched over to the newer HTML5-style video the browsers support. There’s also an HTML5 Media plugin available for switching to that kind of video.

The general problem is that HTML5 video is much more restrictive in terms of what video formats it will play. This is mostly out of our hands as it’s just the changing landscape of what the browsers will work with.

@ Daniel, I cannot tell you the last time it worked unfortunately.

@ jflatnes, Looks as though we are running version 3

The easiest thing to do to get all the relevant version information is to go to the System Information page that’s linked in the footer of every Omeka admin page, and copy-paste the information from there.

@jflatnes, It appears we are pointing to quicktime as the video source and it’s not supported. Would you happen to know of a different video source we can use?