Valuesuggest - larger vocabularies don't load

I was having trouble with the Value Suggest Getty vocabularies not loading when adding item metadata, but was able to fix this by changing the limit in the Getty sparql file from 500 to 50. I am still having trouble with other larger vocabularies, like the ones from LC or OCLC. Does anyone else have this issue? I am not sure how to limit the number of results for vocabs that use php instead of sparql. Any suggestions? Is there a way to limit the number of results that appear in the dropdown across the module for all vocabs? I am using the latest versions of Value Suggest and Omeka S.

Thank you!

I can’t reproduce this issue. I suspect your connection is slow. What Getty vocabulary are you using and what exactly are you querying?

Well, the vocabs that were not working in Value Suggest yesterday are all working normally today, so I guess the connection must have been unusually slow at that moment. Hopefully problem solved. Thanks for your time.

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