ValueSuggest behaviour with Tropy Omeka S export

Sorry for the crosspost, I copy here my message already posted in tropy’s forum (don’t know where it is most relevant) :


Here we have 1900+ archeological photos from a retired researcher we want to describe in Tropy before importing them to a brand new Omeka S that is not yet configured (we intend to use the ValueSuggest module that provides the PACTOLS vocabulary as Data Type).

In Tropy we intended to use the PACTOLS vocabularies in dcterms:spatial, dcterms:temporal and dcterms:subject.

If we put the PACTOLS term’s handle (or the ark) uri as value in Tropy and if the template in Omeka S is configured with PACTOLS as Data Type for the dcterms fields above, will ValueSuggest complete with the pactols label ?
Or do we need to use the Pactols labels as values in Tropy for ValueSuggest to get the URIs in Omeka S ?

We need advices before beginning this hard work (that will be a lot easier thanks to the tools you provide :slight_smile: )

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