ValueSuggest and Wikidata modules together in Omeka S

Hi! I am configuring my Omeka S instance, and I noticed that when I have the Wikidata and ValueSuggest modules both activated, ValueSuggest will no longer work. I’ll type in content but it will not autocomplete or show me a drop-down. Wikidata still works fine when the two are both installed, but ValueSuggest will only work if I deactivate Wikidata. Has anyone had the same issue? Thank you so much!

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It looks like Wikidata is also a “suggestion” module: I assume you don’t have them configured on the same properties/values?

My best guess would be some sort of Javascript conflict… do you see any errors in your browser’s Javascript console when using the item edit form with both modules enabled?

It looks like this was recently reported to the Wikidata module developer, who marked it as a bug, so my guess would be it’s some sort of issue from that end.

Hi, same problem here. The fact is I can’t see any type of errors, simply the ValueSuggest seems dead.
Plus, when I added the Wikidata Module, the properties added previously with ValueSuggest are invisible in the Item template, insted they are still present in the page of the browser. It’s a strange behavior.
In reality, even if I deactivate Wikidata, it seems the ValueSuggest has some difficulty in working (I’m using the Getty AAT), like it’s hard to get the dropdown working.

For instance if I write “fashion” it gives me languages like “Farsi”