Value Annotation / Page Design

I have a resource template for capturing an activity that in turn has participants. When creating an Item, I am then using Value Annotation to set the role for the participant. I have started to look at how a list of these activities is displayed on a Site (default theme) and notice that when moving from Browse of Items to a specific Item, the participant displays but not their role.

Is that the expected behavior or am I missing something?

The public visibility of value annotations is a site setting.

Thank you -and I see it is in the documentation- I missed it (apologies!)

Follow up question: I see that it displays as a expandable “speech bubble.” Is there any mechanism for displaying that without the click?

If not, perhaps this illustrates that my implementation of participant role as a value annotation is the wrong way to go about that … but I have not seen another way to add participant role.

Thank you!

That’s a great question. I do not believe that we currently have the annotation available without a click, but that’s a very reasonable request to implement in a setting.

Thank you, yes, that would be useful for these types of party-in-role relationships. Do I now make some formal feature request?

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I’ve opened an issue. Thanks for the idea.

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