V. 4 - how to suppress embedded media and "other media" file links

Our display preference is to use Universal Viewer, and suppress both the embedded media display on the page, and the media/file links.

We had this set up successfully prior to updating to Version 4 by un-checking “Embed media on item pages” (under the Site Admin settings), and by removing the “otherMedia” php block in site > item > show.phtml

Now in v. 4.0.1:

  • The “Embed media on item pages” checkbox still exists, but it’s labeled as “legacy,” and leaving it unchecked is not having the desired effect of removing the embedded media display from item pages.
  • The “otherMedia” block is no longer part of the item show.phtml file (and it’s not readily obvious to me what other modification I might make here to achieve the same result.

I see in the v. 4 release notes that there is a new “Resource page blocks” feature that sounds like it should allow me to make the desired modifications, but I can’t find this feature in site admin (I’ve looked under Site admin, general admin, theme settings, etc…)

So my questions are: 1) will the “Resource page blocks” feature allow me to configure the display the way I’m describing here (and if not, what should I try instead), and 2) if so, where/how do I configure the Resource page blocks?

Here’s an example item page from our site: https://collections.chattlibrary.org/s/localhistory/item/1678

Thank you!

You should see a new “Configure resource pages” button next to the “Edit theme settings” button on the Theme admin section of the site.

Fantastic!! Love this new feature, apologies for having such trouble finding it! Thanks for your help.