Using Office 365 as SMTP

Hi everyone,

I’m new with Omeka and I search a way to send our Omeka emails with Outlook 365. I found some clues but it doesn’t work.

Here’s what I have in config.ini actually :

mail.transport.type = “Smtp” = “
mail.transport.port = 587 ; Port number, if applicable.
; = “” ; Local client hostname, e.g. “localhost”
mail.transport.auth = “login” ; For authentication, if required. - login, crammd5 or plain
mail.transport.username = “"
mail.transport.password = "
mail.transport.ssl = “tls” ; For SSL support, set to “ssl” or “tls”

Did I just have to make change there or elsewhere too?

Maybe someone else have experience with Office 365?

Thank you

That looks reasonably OK, though I’m not sure of any details specific to Office 365. Maybe SMTP simply isn’t enabled for your account or organization?

Did you get any kind of useful error message?

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