Using Mirador and UV viewers on different sites in Omeka-S

I want to use UniversalViewer for our main site, and Mirador for a sub-site.

I have the sub-site running on a different theme so I have more control.

UniversalViewer is already installed, along with Blocks Disposition. When I install Mirador module, it gets activated across ALL sites immediately. And Blocks Disposition doesn’t seem to be able to “disable” a module from showing anymore…

In the Mirador repo README, it says " This can be disabled via the module Blocks Disposition for each site", and I remember from the past if you clicked a 2nd time, an “x” would appear. But that isn’t happening anymore.

I tried de-activating module and then embedding Mirador directly into the theme for the sub-site using:

// Display the viewer with the specified item and specified options.
// The options for Mirador are directly passed to the partial, so they are
// available in the theme and set for the viewer.
echo $this->mirador($item, $options);

But it doesn’t show up when the module is de-activated.

How can I control the display of which viewers are being used on which site? And also how can I set the module to not display automatically as part of or

– Ben