Using maps that aren't Open Street of Maps in Neatline

I am building a map in Neatline and would love to use Stamen Terrain which is an option on the menu but it looks like the only map available that works in the public setting is Open Street Maps. I can use Stamen Terrain just fine when I am editing and adding records in the backend but when I go to the public view, the map goes blank (and you only see the records). This is not a problem with zooming too far in or out.

Here is my map URL for reference

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This add-on is maintained by a third-party. If you get no response, you may have more success contacting them directly. You may also want to check out Neatline’s user manuals, if you have not done that yet. You might also find some hints in this Omeka Forum thread on Neatline and in Neatline’s Map Based Exhibits section. Good luck!

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