Using DC Class terms


I have a metadata spreadsheet prepared for upload and a few of my columns use Dublin Core (DC) Class terms, such as dcterms:FileFormat and dcterms:RightsStatement. Can DC Class terms be imported to Omeka S? I ask because I went to edit a test item in Omeka S and the only DC terms I can add are the 55 DC properties. I don’t have any option to add any of the 22 DC Class terms. So, I guess my next question is: Can I add a DC Class element to an item, or only DC properties?

Thanks for your help!

The Dublin Core Terms classes are available, as classes (as in, you can select them as the resource class of your item or other resource).

I’m not sure if you might be thinking of doing something different, though.

That’s what I figured. The labels for the classes I mentioned above work better for me as field labels, so I guess I can rename the property labels if needed. An example is Rights Statement. I wish to use dcterms:RightsStatement as a label for inputting an actual rights statement and then also use dcterms:rights property label for additional rights info = two different fields. Maybe that’s silly. I can just add them both under dcterms:rights.

Thanks, @jflatnes

@jflatnes I just realized there is a Rights Statements module (created by you) and I think that will solve my concern.