Using an image for an exhibit that is not from an item

I’m working on a site and the person it is for wants specific images for the exhibits that are not used in any items.

I’ve tried creating a dummy non-public item purely for holding images but as it is not public the images it holds do not show for public users.

I’ tried using MediaBuckets ( but, on my servers, when it is enabled it disrupts tag filtering such that when you filter by tag you get all items.

I also tried making my ‘donor’ item public and putting some code in to the Items/Browse page to filter out the ‘donor’ item bu this leaves a gap at the end of the browse page as it is one item down.

I’d like to allow the site owner to switch his images at will so I don’t want to change the theme page to add the images in a one off task.

Does anyone have any ideas how to solve this?

Failing that I am going to try and track down the exact point in the code where the items are drawn from the database and put my filter in there but I suspect this will be outside the theme.


Would the UC Santa Cruz plugin Admin Images work?

Hi, thanks for your help.
Ideally I was hoping to allow the site owner to upload and change the exhibit images himself via the Omeka UI. Editing the markup is not his area of expertise.
But if I can’t find another solution I will use Admin Images and get him to give me a shout when he needs a new image.


I ended up putting in a bit of a dirty fix for this.
In the items/browse.php page within my theme I put in an IF to cath the item ID of the item I am using as my image holder.

foreach (loop('items') as $item): 
            if($item["id"] == 129) continue;

This means it can be a public item but will not show.
The downside is that since it happens after the number of items per page have been selected you do get a gap in the grid of items when that particular item should show.
I artificially forced a very old date on this item in the database and ordered my items by newest first.
This meant that the blank for the item always shows right at the end so doesn’t look to bad.