Using Advanced Search block - syntax for filtering results

Hello I am working with Advanced Search version on Omeka 3.2.1 and I want to use it as a block in one of the pages on my site. I am just not sure how to format the query to only have some of the results(filter). So basically to only have items where the Source is particular text or Omeka ID.

I am using the Internal (sql) engine.

if I put it in the facet I get only those items in the results, but the metadata tabs on the side include everything on the whole site. I would like to use [dcterms:source][0]=CSIR to limit what shows up on the entire search page (and the available facets), but I am not sure what the formatting should be?

Thank you,

The query is the one you have in a real query, so do it in the search page then copy paste it.