Using advanced resource template and xml autofiller with MARC records

Hi! Is anyone successfully using the autofiller in the Advanced Resource Template module to bring in metadata from MARC records in XML format? I have got one working nicely with a service returning metadata in json, but I think I’m just not getting the paths quite right in my mapping, in spite of repeated attempts. If anyone were willing to share an example of your mapping for an XML autofiller for MARC records I would be really grateful.

Indeed, I use it for marcxml too (from oclc). Have you a endpoint so I can check?

Thanks! I have tried with the Worldcat search web service:{query}&wskey={API key}. Is that the one you’re using?

I also tried with RISM name authorities with the following mapping but since I am at the beginning of the learning curve I wondered whether the namespace prefixes might be causing problems:

[generic:xml #RISM Person] = RISM Person
/zs:searchRetrieveResponse/zs:records = {list}
/zs:record/zs:recordData/marc:record/marc:datafield[@tag="100"]/marc:subfield[@code="a"] = {__label__}

I tried something similar for DNB using{query}&maximumRecords=30&recordSchema=MARC21-xml. It didn’t work, whereas I did get a json autofiller working with the same authority file via lobid-gnd.

I am probably making similar mistakes in all cases…

It would be great to have an endpoint to Citoid (, and then a mapping to bibo fields, this would take care of most bibliography import needs.

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