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Hello, how u guys doing?
Well, i am using omeka, basically to create a web site to my shcool (btw i am a student), so i got happy because i got it installed, but this is for a big work on my school (i need this to finish school), and i came across a problem.
I am using Omeka 2.0 on ubuntu, and i can add user, but the thing is in a page from omeka, saw that when i add a user’s e-mail, the user have to get an e-mail to register on the web page.
I have tried with my second e-mail account and i didn’t got any e-mail.

Can u guys help? :smiley:

If any thing is poorly written, i am sorry


The first thing to check is whether the email got flagged as spam and sent to a spam folder.

A super user in Omeka can also set a password and make the user active from the admin pages, which bypasses that confirmation step.


Thanks for the help,
So i checked and the email didnt got flagged as spam,

The other step, i dont know i to do it, so i have to reserch, but from what i haved seen, i can find the option to do that


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