User roles - view only

Hi, maybe I’m missing something with user roles, but this is what I want to achieve:

All item sets and items are hidden from the public on my Site. When a particular user logs in I want them to be able to view all of the private items and item sets, but not edit them.

I can’t find a way of setting user permissions in such a way to allow this. The most restrictive permissions in which the user can see any of these items is if I set them as ‘Reviewer’ at the Admin level, and then ‘Viewer’ on the Site level. But this allows them to edit items and also make them public.

Thanks if you can advise.

You would want the Research role for Admin users and Viewer for Site users.

Thanks, that’s what I had tried first, but no items or item sets appear when I test that.

I have set the items as private, and items sets as private and locked. How might this affect the issue?

(I’m using v.3.2.3)

Seems like you’ve identified a bug. Researchers should be able to see non-public items. We’ll dig into things. Locking and not locking should not affect visibility at all.

Ah ok! Will this likely be fixed in Omeka v3? We’re not yet ready to move to v4.

In fact, this was my mistake and confusion between the permissions of the Researcher role in Omeka Classic and the Researcher role in Omeka S.

In Omeka S, Researchers and Authors can only see public items. The roles and permissions are quite a complicated matrix.

So, back to your initial problem: wanting a logged in user to be able to view everything but not edit anything (i.e. Researcher with Private View). We’ll certainly look into adding this via the core or a module.

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That’s a shame. I’ll keep a look out for any updates on this, then. Thanks!

+1 on wanting this functionality, with addition that such a Global x Site combo should be able to see an unpublished Site. We sometimes have people (content) who should be able to review a Site but it’s better for all concerned if they can’t make changes.

We created a new module for allowing researcher and author roles to view private resources. It’s unpublished but ready for use, if you would like to try it first:

If I understand you correctly, you just need to set the Viewer role for site users.

I’ve installed it and can confirm that this works exactly as I’d expect! Excellent, thank you!