User-manipulable spreadsheet in Simple Pages

Admittedly, this is less “Troubleshooting” than a query about technical possibilities, but so be it…

So, in our project we have a Simple Page with an embedded Google Sheet containing transcriptions of some records.

This works pretty well, but two problems:

  1. useful settings in the actual Google Sheet are not retained on the embed. For example, in the actual sheet we have the name column locked so that you can track the person the data is linked to when side-scrolling. This doesn’t work in the embed.

  2. Users can’t do anything with the data besides look at it. Is it possible to create a page with a similar set of data like this that public users could manipulate? For example, they could sort the data by Last Name, Date of Admission, Nativity, etc.

I’m guessing this is a problem with Google Sheets. Is there a better way to display this data? A sortable HTML table? Is there a way to make a table link to the sheet so it reflects updates, corrections, etc.?

A lot of questions there, but any help is appreciated!

Update: after tinkering around a bit, it seems that there are services like Sheetsu or Datawrapper that will generate responsive and sortable tables from Google Sheets, which then can be embedded into Simple Pages with an iframe.

Just leaving this here in case anyone else has a similiar need.

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