User locked out of Omeka


I am having a problem where 1 of my team members is locked out of logging in to Omeka. They are unable to log in with their username, email, and password. I have tried recreating their account and using an alternative email, but they are still unable to log in. They receive and incorrect username/password error every time they try. They are also unable to log in using a different team members’ credentials.

I know this may be too niche of a problem, but any advice is greatly appreciated!



And we can rule out simple options like, caps lock, broken keys on their keyboard, things like that? And of course that their user is marked as Active, since that’s easy to miss.

Probably worth asking them to try in a different browser at least, and/or different computer if that’s available to them.

I can’t think immediately of any mechanisms to have a specific person who can’t log in, rather than their credentials.