User last connection date

Hi everyone,

Is there a way to get the users date creation and last connection date to Omeka Classic ?
A plugin ? A database request ?
It could be really helpful to manage users.

Thank you

Omeka Classic doesn’t track those dates for users. I’m not immediately aware of an existing plugin that does, either, but a plugin could be written that tracks those things.

Thank you for your reply jflatnes.

Do you know how to request the DB (column, table ?) to get the informations about the last connection date ?

As John explained, Omeka Classic is NOT recording those information.

You would need to create a plugin that adds fields like LastConnectionDate and CreationDate to the Users table, updates them when user gets created or logs in, and retrieves those information from the database when needed.

Thank you.
I believed the information about the user’s last connection date was in the DB. I was wrong.

Unfortunately I don’t have the means/time to code such a plugin.
Is there a topic/site where i may suggest this feature for Omeka Classic ?

I’d suggest to post it as a feature suggestion on GitHub - omeka/Omeka: A flexible web publishing platform for the display of library, museum and scholarly collections, archives and exhibitions.