User Accounts - Site Admin Privileges


We’d like to have a single Omeka-S installation on which we can create many sites, where for each individual site, we can have site administrators who have full privileges over the creation, deletion, and management of content (including items) for that site, but who have no privileges for any other sites. Is this possible? We have scoured the documentation and experimented with the live sandbox, but did not find a way to create users who can create and delete items only for one site.


The permissions model is sort of inverted from what you’re thinking of.

There’s not really a concept of creating items “for” a site in Omeka S: all items are created in the same shared pool (I’ve seen someone say “ocean”), whether they’re actually used in many sites, just one, or none at all. The permissions for an item are totally separate from a site.

Sites control what items are “part” of them with the controls in the site’s Resources page, so in that way there is control (with the site permissions, which can be controlled down to the individual user level) over who can “include” items into a site. Assignment of items to a site basically works like a saved search: anything matching the parameters specified is included.

Thanks for the clarification but it should be added to the documentation and I was looking for similar solution. But came across this post and glad it is solved for me. Thanks anyways Cheers