URLs as links at public interface

I am using the OAI-PMH Harvester plugin and, in various collected metadata fields, there are urls not showing as links at public interface.
I installed the Linkify URL plugin, but I can’t understand how it works, maybe it doesn’t work with the OAI-PMH Harvester plugin, but only with the importCSV fork?
Is there any solution to show urls as links?

Hello, Silvia.

I believe the plugin you’re using is expecting the whole content of a field to be a URL, in order to turn into an hyperlink; so, if you have something like “www.example.com”, then it will work, but if you have something like “if you click on www.example.com you’ll see an example” it won’t.

You might want to try the Clickable Links plugin, and see whether it works for you.
Or, if you can wait for another 1-2 days, I’m actually working on an improved fork of this last plugin, so that might fit you too.

Hope this helps.

Hello Daniele,
Thank you very much! Clickable Links worked perfect!

Glad I could help.
If interested, give my new Clickable Links Plus plugin a try: I’ve changed the “engine” too, so it should detect more URLs now.

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