Uploading OCR PDF

I almost consistently get a timeout error in uploading a PDF with text underlying the image—that is a searchable OCRd PDF. This is not directly a problem with size, as the file can be smaller than a regular PDF, which will upload fine. It seems to be a problem while reading the metadata of the file.

This is my error:
Fatal error: Maximum execution time of 120 seconds exceeded in /home/xn7dbl5/archive.yiddish.nu/application/libraries/getid3/getid3.php on line 2154

Any ideas?

Interesting… I don’t think we’ve seen this before.

Can you share the specific PDF? I wonder if there’s something else specifically different/wrong about this particular PDF. We definitely have people upload OCR’d PDFs regularly without issue. A 2-minute timeout here makes me think maybe there’s an infinite loop happening.

Sure, I will link to it. The editor is not allowing a PDF.


I upload it by uploading an image of the first page or a imag-only pdf and then manually overwriting the file with the ocred version

Thanks for sharing the PDF.

I can confirm the issue. The getID3 library that’s used here has a fix for a similar issue that’s not released yet, but it doesn’t seem to fix whatever’s happening with this particular PDF.

What I’ve done for the time being is just disable this library’s parsing of PDFs.

I also reported this problem to the getID3 library. If they ask for an example, do I have your permission to share the PDF you posted here with them also?

Thanks for fix. I’ll try it out soon. And yes you have my permission of course!

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