Upgrading without deactivating plugins first

Hi all,

I accidentally upgraded one of our Omeka Classic sites from 2.7.1 to 3.1.2 without deactivating the plugins first thing as per the instructions. Is this OK, or will there be long term repercussions from not doing this? Also, what is the intention of deactivating all plugins first?

So far, it seems like things are OK. I was able to upgrade the plugins, and, otherwise, everything seems to be running normally.

Thanks so much for any help you can give!

You’re fine. There’s no damage caused by upgrading without first deactivating the plugins.

The Omeka Classic suggestion/instruction to deactivate plugins is to avoid a situation where a plugin you have installed doesn’t work with the new version you upgraded to, which could in some cases make the site temporarily inaccessible. Even if that does happen, it’s usually not a big issue because you can simply remove or upgrade the plugin after you upgrade the core and resolve the problem.

Omeka Classic has been quite stable for many versions, so it’s now rare that upgrades will cause problems like that in the first place, unless it’s an upgrade starting from a very old version.

Thanks for your reply, that helps me out a lot! I was afraid I might need to go back and redo it.

Much appreciated!