Upgrade to Omeka Semantic

Hi all, I’m experiencing problems using Upgrade to Omeka Semantic plugin for Omeka Classic.
The process strats but after a while I get this error:

The status of process #62 (UpgradeToOmekaS_Job_Upgrade, started at 2017-11-24 20:24:34 by user #1 [admin]), with a non existing pid, has been set to error.

No file are copied and no table created.
Any suggestion?

I get the same error

The status of process #16 (UpgradeToOmekaS_Job_Upgrade, started at 2020-11-20 13:39:21 by user #1 [ ]), without pid, has been set to error.

The UpgradeToOmekaS plugin does not work and has not been updated for years. The only plugin that works is Omeka2Importer, but that only transfers items from Omeka Classic to Omeka S.

I use this module regularly, but there may be a bug. If you have more log, I can fix it.

By the way, the module Omeka2Import imports some other data too.

There is a fatal error during the step 5. The log of the plugin doesn’t indicate it, but the logs of Omeka or the php logs of the server probably have a message about it. Enable php and omeka logging to see it.

After some trial and error, below are some steps I used to fix some problems that might be useful to others using this plugin…

  1. After upgrading from Classic to Omeka S you cannot log into the new site because of permissions errors. However if you upgrade that Omeka S installation to Omeka S version 3, the error goes away and you can now log in.

  2. You need to download Omeka S compatible theme and change to the new theme or it may give theme compatibility errors.

  3. Sometimes uninstalling some plugins like Simple Pages prior to upgrading may be necessary or it gives errors during upgrade process.

However there are new issues related to how the text appears on the site on every page.

  1. The new site has encoding errors which did not exist in the original site. The database tables are still UTF-8 but somewhere in the upgrade process UTF8 encoding of the data changed. Is there a way to enforce utf 8 encoding of site data in the upgrade process?

  2. HTML tags are no longer interpreted as HTML and the HTML code now appear on the screen as if part of the text. Is this normal in Omeka S or did something go wrong in the upgrade process ?

For the <em> issues, it is related to the fact that the values in Omeka S does not support html by default, because Omeka is semantic and if you use <em>, you add formatting to the value , that is not semantic and that complicates data sharing. So formatting should be removed from most of the elements/properties.
Nevertheless, the html may be useful in some cases, mainly for the description. That’s why you can use the data type “html” provided by the module Data Type Rdf. To use it, you need to prepare resource templates.

For the bad encoding issue, it may be related to a missing database encoding parameter. I have added a conversion for such issues in the module Bulk Check.

Hello, I know the Git pages say it’s for Omeka 2, but I’m assuming it doesn’t work for any of the Omeka Classic 3+ versions? I am asking because I tried the plugin and it just crashes the website (I’m using 3.1).

Thanks for all the great work you’ve done Daniel!

This plugin will be upgraded soon (February) to use a new mechanism (it will use a module from Omeka S instead of a plugin of omeka classic). For now, you can try to edit plugin.ini to make it compatible with omeka classic v3.

And i’m currently finishing upgrading modules and themes to Omeka S for the next release, so i think that after some updates like this one to simplify migration, i will end support of Omeka Classic. I don’t want to maintain two tools and plugins very similar on a long term.