Upgrade to Omeka Semantic

Hi all, I’m experiencing problems using Upgrade to Omeka Semantic plugin for Omeka Classic.
The process strats but after a while I get this error:

The status of process #62 (UpgradeToOmekaS_Job_Upgrade, started at 2017-11-24 20:24:34 by user #1 [admin]), with a non existing pid, has been set to error.

No file are copied and no table created.
Any suggestion?

I get the same error

The status of process #16 (UpgradeToOmekaS_Job_Upgrade, started at 2020-11-20 13:39:21 by user #1 [ ]), without pid, has been set to error.

The UpgradeToOmekaS plugin does not work and has not been updated for years. The only plugin that works is Omeka2Importer, but that only transfers items from Omeka Classic to Omeka S.

I use this module regularly, but there may be a bug. If you have more log, I can fix it.

By the way, the module Omeka2Import imports some other data too.

Hello Daniel,

Thankyou for your reply. Its great that the plugin is still being maintained and thanks for your offer of help.

I am trying to use it to migrate some old Omeka Classic 2.6.1 sites to Omeka S. The server consists of

PHP 7.2
MySQL 14.14 (Distrib 5.7.32)
Ubutnu 18.04

The error message returned is as follows…

The status of process #16 (UpgradeToOmekaS_Job_Upgrade, started at 2020-11-24 15:43:36 by user #1 [overseer]), without pid, has been set to error.

and the log file indicates the upgrade reaches sub task 5/5 and then goes no further…

**60 2020-11-24 **
**15:43:41 Debug Core/Site **
Upgrade site Started sub-task 5/5.

A screenshot is below…

A Pastebin of the full log can be viewed from the link below…


When I open the new Omeka S site dashboard, it indicates that no items have been transferred. A screenshot is below…

I’ve made sure that the target folder is fully writable (chmod 777).

I hope the above makes sense. Let me know if there is any more information needed and thanks again.

From Tony

There is a fatal error during the step 5. The log of the plugin doesn’t indicate it, but the logs of Omeka or the php logs of the server probably have a message about it. Enable php and omeka logging to see it.