Upgrade OmekaS to 4.0 first, or PHP on server?

We’re currently running PHP 7.3 with Omeka 3.2. We want to upgrade to PHP 8.2 and Omeka 4.0. If we upgrade Omeka to 4.X, it wont run with PHP 7.3. If we upgrade the server to PHP 8, Omeka 3.2 won’t run.
The only solution I see is upgrading php on the server to PHP 7.4, then upgrade Omeka S to 4.X. Then upgrade server to PHP 8…
Or am I missing something?

You can do them together: Upgrade the server to 8.2, then right after update to Omeka S 4.0.0. That your old version of S doesn’t run well on 8.2 won’t be an issue, you only need to be able to run the new/target version.

OK, thanks for that!

Just in case anyone reads this- we installed php 8.1.1 and OmekaS 4 and all worked well!

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