Upgrade omeka s upgrade

Today an upgrade to the last version of omeka s… I have a problem.
In my administration page … I see my items…
But in my site web… I don’t see the items

Hello @gusu

A couple of questions:

  • do you confirm you tried to upgrade to Omeka S v3.0.0 ?
  • do you have the job system properly set up? E.g.: are you able to batch edit items?

I’ve run into a similar problem when I did a test run for this upgrade.

Have a nice day


Thanks for your answer.
Yes I upgrade to v3.0.0


Omeka S 3 changed the way that items attach to sites. Try going to the resources tab on your site admin page and see what number is there for the message about the number of items currently in the site.

thanks for your mail
I have in my site admin
2141 items . But in my website 0

Yes, it’s likely this is an issue with your site and jobs? As @ManOnDaMoon asked, can you run background jobs generally on this site, such as batch edits or imports? The process of updating the item assignments to the new system uses a job, so if you can’t run them, the job can’t run either.

You could check the Jobs page linked on the left-side nav to see some information also: I’d expect to see generally “Starting” statuses if you don’t have jobs working at all, or possibly “Error.”

For some servers just setting the path to PHP-CLI is all that’s needed. If that’s your situation and you get jobs working where they weren’t before, you could roll back to a pre-update backup and run the update again, which would re-do the job to set the items to sites. Otherwise, you can also manually update those assignments in the Resources tab of each site’s admin area.

Thanks very much for the answers…
I use resources tab of my site’s admin area and now ok…
thanks very much

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