Upgrade error FAILURE [3; /usr/bin/curl] [http code=500]

I tried upgraded my site from Omeka S 1.4.0 to 2.0.1 and I received the following error, which I’m not sure exactly what it means. Can anyone tell me where I should be looking to troubleshoot?

FAILURE [3; /usr/bin/curl] [http code=500]

Also, I went to my site’s URL / migrate, and it says the following:
“There was a recent software upgrade and the database needs to be updated. The entire site will be down for maintenance until you click the button below.”

When I clicked the button, it just says Omeka S encountered an error.

I’m not sure if it has to do with htaccess, a php requirement, or if it’s something else.


Where did that message come from? It doesn’t seem like anything Omeka-related.

Ah ok, thanks - it shows up after upgrading within my hosting server’s installing process screen. I am reaching out to them. Thanks!

Adding here in case it’s useful for others, particularly Reclaim Hosting users: the error is a generic error when the migration process fails. The next step would be to turn on error reporting in Omeka S and attempt the database migration to see why it failed. Our installer only handles the core application upgrade and not themes or plugins which for 1.4 -> 2.0+ is going to mean more manual work due to all the changes.